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Top Products(Semiconductor)
@@Solar cell Semiconductor
Wafer Automatic Appearance Inspection System
Wafer Automatic Appearance Inspection System This system is wafer automatic inspection system of the compound type equipped with surface inspection unit and back inspection unit.
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Wafer Thickness Measuring System
Wafer Thickness Measuring System This system is the wafer thickness measuring system with transfer function and thickness measuring function. Can be customized according to customer specifications.
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Washing Machine
Washing Machine This equipment cleans the wafer surface after dicing with two fluids, pure water and air. Various arrangements are available according to the intended use.
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Wafer Transfer Machine
Wafer Transfer Machine This is transfer machine that can transfer wafers automatically. The wafer is taken out from the cassette, transferred to the measuring machine, and the wafer after measurement is automatically transferred to the original cassette shelf. It is possible to correspond to the desired measuring machine and inspection machine.
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EFEM For Module Machine

This EFEM can be connected to the desired module machine.

We will support to customized specifications according to usage.
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Wafer sorter@TR100 series
Wafer sorter@TR100 series The wafer sorter is made up with the customer, the customizing product can be offered. corresponds to consultation of carrier method of a thick wafer and a thin wafer.
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Wafer transportation unit@TR100-mini
Wafer transportation unit@TR100-mini TR100-mini realized small size, space-saving than the conventional wafer transportation machine. The demand function of the customer is supported and customizable.
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FOUP Opener FO-300
FOUP Opener FO-300 FO-300 is front open type to open and close the FOUP door by the automatic operation. The demand function of the customer is supported and customizable.
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Defect inspection system
Defect inspection system This system can detect the defects (Surface / Back side / internal) of the work. The best light and camera are selected from the detection object of the customer and the purpose of customer's use. Then do the test inspection of the customer's inspection target and really do the inspection processing.
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