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Defect inspection system
Defect inspection system

This system can detect the defects (Scratches / Particles / Crystal defects) with special algorithm software. We detect the scratch and defect etc that visual inspection is difficult. And can automate inspection. We select appropriate lighting and camera from the customer's inspection target and the purpose of customer's use. Then do the test inspection of the customer's inspection target and really do the inspection processing.


The optics design and algorithm are customized.
Wavelength Inspection target
Ultraviolet light 10nm ` 400nm Minute scratch, etc
Visible light 400nm ` 700nm Scratch, Particle, etc
Near-infrared light 0.7m ` 2.5m Interior defect, etc
Far-infrared light 4m ` 1mm Thermal detector, etc
(Thermal distribution/Thermometry)