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@@Solar cell Semiconductor
Wafer sorter@TR100 series
Wafer sorter@TR100 series

This system can add the transportation mode of customer specifications. For example, the upward communication, the lot division, and the lot integration, etc. Contributes to productivity improvement and yield rate deterioration in mass production line.


Wafer size 150mm to 200mm Orientation flat
Wafer transportation method Back side adsorption
System configuration ETransportation unit
ECassette stage unit (4 cassettes)* 1 loader / 3 unloaders
Ealignment unit
EID recognition unit (option)
EUpward communication function (option)
Dimension 1100(W)~1200(D)~1300(H)@mm * This dimension doesn't contain the height of the signal tower.
* This is an example of the product specification. We supports customized specifications.