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Corporate Philosophy

Top Corporate Philosophy
Corporate Philosophy
"we develop the products which make the most of excellent own technology, and we contribute to society through our products."
We develop system formation that adapted customer's specification(needs). Therefore we can offer a product of only for you.

We accept the customer's requests carefully, and aim at contributing to a customer by high quality technology. Also, we try to improve our total technology.
Development Policy
"We use original technology and offer the development product by low price. We offer the development product of high quality by original development process."
Our company propose the development product by low price because we are proud of our development technology.

In our company, when we get the development item from customer, we go ahead with development with original process that make evaluation machine. Therefore we can offer the high quality product. We have customer evaluate the evaluation machine because we want to please customer. And we go ahead with the development with customer. Also the process like this is one of the original development process that we suggest.
Business Description
Support Policy
"We aim at what attend faithfully to customer's requests. Even if customer's requests are high level, we aim at what attend to it with our high quality technology."
We listen faithfully to customer's requests and talk with customer because we want to offer product that customer can trust.

We reinforce software, electricity, laser, and optics. What's more, we improve our development technology. And we are trying to improve our technology because we want to offer product that please customer.