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Aim for company of outsourcing
Our company canalize our energies into synthetic-system development such as semiconductor inspection device, software and sale.@We attend to what customer is saying and aim to please.
We also aim at outsourcing-company that can contribute to society on development, so we made an effort at improving day and night.
Aim for development costs "Zero"
Our propose a development products by low price without development cost because we are proud of our development technology.
RayResearch suggest an original development process
In our company, when we get a commission from customer, at first we make evaluation machine.
We suggest evaluation machine on the basis of development commission and forward the development with process of original.
From the rudiments of development, we adopt demand of the customer and then we cherish cooperation with a customer and push forward development.
Therefore we can offer the product which fitted the specification of the customer.
Business Description
Record of development
System development
Application development
Wafer Sorter Analytic System
Wafer Backside Scratches Inspection System Image Processing System
Thickness Measuring System  
QR-reader System  
Infrared Ray Defects Detection System